Certification FAQs


PMI’s website provides answers to a number of certification FAQs, including:

Do I have to be a CAPM, PMP, or a PMI Member to apply for other PMI credentials?

No one credential serves as a prerequisite for another. You also do not have to be a PMI member to apply to become a credential holder. Membership however has many benefits: discounted fee for the PMI exams, access to a community, discounted and often free local events, access to an arsenal of articles and resources, and free downloads of most of the PMI standards.

How do I earn a PMI credential?

Each certification has its own requirements and prerequisites. To obtain a PMI credential, you must first meet the eligibility requirements outlined on these certification pages and detailed in the appropriate credential handbooks. All PMI certifications require submission of an application and approval. Once approved, you can schedule your exam. PMI certifications require you to pass the certification exam.

When does the PMP Exam change?

A major change to the PMP Exam took effect on the 2nd of January 2021. This is in response to the updated PMP Exam Outline (published by PMI). The PMP exam is actually constantly changing in terms of new questions added, some questions retired. The changes in 2021 however, were major changes and approximately 50%-60% of the exam has changed.

How is the PMP Exam Changing?

The exam composition is changing where only 50% of the exam is process knowledge (i.e. the practices you find in PMBoK), the rest of the exam is comprised of new content. The exam will be comprised of 50% process knowledge, 8% business knowledge, and 42% interpersonal/people skills. The other major change is that at least 50% of the exam (across all domains) will test your understanding of adaptive (agile) and hybrid lifecycles.

What are the eligibility requirements?
Does the Chapter offer training for certification?

Specifically, with respect to certification training, the PMI Queensland chapter partners with our local Authorized Training Partners to deliver certification training. We have been collaborating with PM1World (AKA Bay3000) for over 10 years to help our members succeed in the exams.

Feel free to contact PM1World at Gina.Davidovic@pm1World.com


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