Lunch & Learn delivers online informal training sessions and presentations during lunchtime. Each event is specifically designed for professionals with busy schedules who don’t have the opportunities to attend other PMI Queensland Chapter events in person.

Lunch & Learn aims to provide insights to project management related topics in an interactive workshop setting that help project management professionals to upskill in their fields, strengthen their understanding of project management knowledge. It also serves as a platform to engage with industry experts and networking opportunities with other project management professionals,

Our guest speakers are experienced professionals across a wide range of trending to conventional industries thus they offer great opportunities for our attendees to learn project management related topics in a less formal atmosphere.

Insight from our guest speaker

Nathan Howard – Feb-2022 – “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

“After finding myself pondering a question over a number of years, and doing various pieces of research on the topic, I had a bit of an epiphany about “What do I want to be when I grow up?”. When I shared this with some of my colleagues it seemed to resonate with them and I realised that it is probably a question that is more common in mid-career than one might think.

I very much enjoyed both preparing and delivering the session. I sincerely hope that it helped people re-frame this common problem, and launch people into productive discussions with their mentor, coach, or other colleagues. The intent at PMIQ is to promote a supportive community of growth for those in project management and, in turn, to contribute back to the businesses where projects are conducted. 

I found the lunch and learn platform an excellent forum for something of this nature, and the opportunity to prepare for an occasion helped me focus thoughts more clearly and deliberately than I would have otherwise. I’d recommend it as a good way to ‘sharpen the axe’ without spending a lot of time. Hopefully, people will be remembering the ideas and concepts over the coming weeks and months as they continue to grow and invest in themselves.”


60-90 minutes


Lunchtime - Online


1 PDU per session


Quarterly per year.


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