vCare Certification Information Webinars


vCare Project Management and PMI Queensland have formed a synergy for helping aspirants for the most prestigious, elite PMI certifications, the PgMP® and PfMP®. This endeavour to create awareness of these certifications will be carried out via webinars scheduled every first Friday for the next eight months, benefiting potential certification aspirants.

This free webinar will help members and non-members learn more about the scope of the certifications and shed more light on the intricacies surrounding the PgMP® and PfMP® certifications. The webinar will cover popular questions surrounding the certifications, the journey to obtain the certifications, the pathways to prepare, eligibility requirements, the application process, experience documentation, the audit process, exam information, fees, and the standards involved.

Compared to the Million+ PMP globally, there are only 4221 PgMP® and 1386 PfMP® active certified professionals (Source: PMI February 2023 fact file). Join the webinar to learn more about PgMP® and PfMP® and the positive impact they may have on your professional career. Both PgMP® & PfMP® from PMI could help you achieve that elusive promotion or get you that golden ticket to joining your dream organization.


1 hour


The webinar is delivered via GoToWebinar by vCare Project Management, with the opportunity to ask questions during and after the webinar. The webinars take place every first Friday. Please register to attend. If this timeframe is not suitable, you can contact our CEO Mr Dharam Singh For any questions related to your Project Management career, training, and certifications for an obligation free 15 minutes session by visiting or email to to schedule an alternative time.




Monthly Once - First Fridays: 10:00 am (Brisbane Time)


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