What is the Project Management Day of Service?

The Project Management Day of Service (PMDoS) is a FREE one day problem solving event where charities and not-for-profit organisations are matched with project management professionals.  Together participants will discuss and diagnose a critical problem and then scope out a project to help address and overcome the issue.

Who is responsible for PMDoS?

The PMDoS is the signature event of PMI Queensland and Project Management for Change (PM4Change), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to raise the profile of the Project Management profession while furthering the missions of the non-profit and charities in our local communities.


What kinds of charity or not-for-profit will we be helping?

Any small to large charity or not-for-profit in Queensland.

What if we have more than one initiative?

You can submit more than one initiative and bring more than one team on the day

How many of us can attend PMDoS?

You can bring up to five representatives from your charity per initiative.

What preparation will the charity or not-for-profit undertake?

Each charity will need to complete the initiative statement that outlines the issue you are looking for assistance with. You will also be requested to be available the week before the event to attend a conference call initiated by the consulting team lead.


I have a colleague who’d like to volunteer their project management experience on the day. Can they put their hand up for this?

PMDoS is primarily for PMI Queensland chapter members and our partners. But we would welcome external project management volunteers.

Why should I volunteer my time to PMDoS?

Here are just some of the reasons this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

  • Tangibly serve your community by giving them a day of your time and expertise to help them define solutions to their issues
  • Enhance the status of PMI Queensland and its members as a community, business, and professional resource
  • Maintain your professional standing by earning up to eight Professional Development Units (PDUs)
  • Redefine project management as an “intentional profession”
  • Promote the value of project management to charities by clarifying its unique value proposition
  • Increase visibility of the project management profession
  • Expand your network by working with like-minded professionals
  • Build on your resume and strengthen your career
  • Promote your personal brand on social media
What is my commitment as a consultant?
  • PMIQ will assess the organisations’ initiatives and match them to teams of consultants.
  • At least one week before the big day, you and your team will get a fact-sheet with your assigned organisations’ initiatives.
  • An induction session will be held, and an information pack will be provided to you in advance.
  • As part of the consulting team, you will be required to research and prepare for the day so that you come to the table prepared.
  • You will work through the day to deliver to your client those artefacts that will supplement their goals and advance them to the next level in their endeavours
If I am a project administrator can I join PMDoS Queensland as a consultant?

Yes, you can join PMDoS Queensland because your skills will be very valuable on the day.

Why do you charge consultants & what does the cost include?

The cost includes your meals and refreshments for the day and a whole lot of fun sharing your expert knowledge and giving back your professional services to the community.

Do I get PDU’s?

8 PDU’s will automatically be assigned to your PMI membership after the event

Can I choose the charity that I want to work with on the day?

Unfortunately not. The PMDoS committee will match each consultant’s skills to each charity project. We have certain criteria that we must look to fulfil on each table which also guide our pairing decisions. Finally we want to do our best to spread all of you around to the tables to achieve the best outcome for all our charitites and not-for-profits!

As a registered consultant what do I need to prepare?

Once you have been told about the organisation you will be working for you can start to review their Initiative Statement to learn about the issues they are facing. Research the organisation, and have a conference call with them before the event to get started on your ideas.

How can I attend the required PMDoS Queensland training?

Once consultants are approved you will be notified of the training through email.

What is the dress code?

Business Formal

What can I bring?

You are welcome to bring any materials that you feel will be of value to you on the Day, for example:

  • Laptop
  • Documentation templates
  • USB - Thumb drive
Should I bring food and drink?

Not necessary! There is a morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. Water will be provided at the table.

How does a consultant get matched with a charity or not-for-profit?

We match most volunteers with the most appropriate (best fit) charity or not-for-profit organization and initiative or problem. Matches are based on information submitted during the application process, including subject matter expertise, and experience stated in your LinkedIn profile or resume. A few project managers will be unmatched until the day of service to replace any project managers who may not be able to participate due to unforeseen circumstances.

Do you notify the consultant of the charity or not-for-profit assignment?

Yes, all the team members will know their client before the Day.

How many will be in each team?

There will be 3 Project Manager Volunteers and 2 to 4 representatives from a single charity or not-for-profit organisation. The same team will work together throughout the day.

What happens after the PMDoS Queensland?

There are no commitments after PMDoS. However, if you would like to continue to work with a charity or not-for-profit organization at the conclusion of the event, please contact the PMDoS Organising Team and indicate the best time to reach you. A member of our team will contact you.