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Career Club and Career Club Clinic

Grassroots beginning

Much like the grassroots origins of our chapters, the Career Club and Career Club Clinic first took its form as a small Job Club back in 2014, grew organically, and continues to evolve to this day.

The Job Club started as a small event, providing networking opportunities for job seekers and recruiters. After much success, the organising team was posed
a challenge: “What would a Job Club on steroids look like?” 

From that challenge came what was until recently known as the Job Club Clinic. It took form as a quarter-yearly evening event that ran for around 3-4 hours. It brought together job seekers, recruiters, and exhibitors covering various areas of their expertise, such as R.E.P.s giving advice on certifications and a personal grooming expert giving tips on better personal branding.

The Job Club Clinic also featured a more personalised format for the participants. Job seekers were given mock interview sessions with recruiters and resume review sessions. This new format offered a win-win for all. It gave job seekers valuable feedback on how to increase their success rates in job applications and gave recruiters the opportunity to get to know a new pool of candidates that they can place, a way for them to give back to the community and provide them with the opportunity to practice and sharpen their skill sets as a recruiter in a non-pressurize environment.

The Job Club Clinic ran a few rounds with huge success; however, the organising team did not stop there. After all, this is the team that asked “What would a Job Club on steroids look like?” The team went to hear what the participants said about the events to see what could be done better. From the event surveys, the team discovered that the attendees valued most of the one-on-one sessions. The team then modified the format so that the attendees were given scheduled slots. This modification was welcomed and boosted the popularity of the program even further


Career Club Clinic, Re-imagined

To quote the founder of the Job Club: “If you cannot find a job opportunity, you can create the foundations for the one that will come…” Mozart Sovierzoski, founder of PMIQ’s Job Club, April 2014.

This quote is actualised in the most recent evolution and reimagination of the Job Club Clinic. Introducing: Career Club Clinic. 2020 brought with it many uncertainties and the rush for professionals to increase their competitive advantage. The Career Club Clinic focuses not only on skills to help job seekers find and land jobs, but also focus on career management skills uplift. Because, as PMIQ says “It’s more than just a job, it is about your career”.

Fully embracing the new virtual-led world we live in, the organising team posed another challenge to make Career Club virtual, driving the digitization of the clinic to a virtual teleconferencing platform.

If history is any indication for this ever-evolving program, the Career Club and Career Club Clinic will be yet another success. We believe the true success of this program is driven by the spirit of continuous improvement, hearing from the most important stakeholders, and a team of dedicated and driven volunteers and partners. 





Career Club - 2 hours

Career Club Clinic - 4 hours



Career Club - Structured presentation during an evening event

Career Club Clinic - Structured mock interview and personalised feedback sessions during an evening event






Quarterly per year.


As a participant: please register on the upcoming events page on the PMIQ website as places are often limited. Your RSVP allows us to prepare the meeting room for the right number of members and guests and arrange catering.



Please contact the Professional Development team if you have any questions.