Obtain a Credential

DeathtoStock SlowDown10For your Project Management Career, PMI offers a comprehensive credentialing program for project practitioners of all education and skill levels. Our credentials are rigorously developed, globally accredited and easily transferable across borders and industries. Regardless of where you are in your career, we have a certification for you. Demonstrate your expertise and your commitment to the profession with a PMI certification.

Quick Facts:

  • There are more than half a million PMI certification holders worldwide. That’s a pretty large network to learn from and collaborate with.
  • PMI certifications holders are in 180 different countries across six continents.
  • PMI certification holders are in every industry, from healthcare, telecommunications and finance to IT and construction.


  • Recognition & Endorsement: PMI certifications recognize your project management knowledge, skills and abilities. PMI serves as an unbiased endorsement of your project management expertise and professional experience on a global level.
  • Increased Earnings: PMI certifications can lead to greater earnings. They differentiate you in the marketplace and give you a competitive advantage in the job market. Many credential holders experience salary increases because of their certification status.
  • Career Advancement: PMI certifications can lead to career opportunities and career advancement. Our family of certifications identifies you as a practitioner who has demonstrated competency and knowledge in project management processes and specialty areas of practice based on industry standards.