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Stakeholders & Steering Committees

Stakeholders & Steering Committees



"Stakeholder engagement is a never-ending process. We have to continually earn stakeholders' confidence. It's a relationship." 

Wouter Vermeulen - Corporate Responsibility Director, Health and Well-being, Coca-Cola Europe

Stakeholder management is probably the number one thing that keeps project managers up at night. Why? Because stakeholders can - and do - make or break a project. The variety of activities and strategies a project manager must engage to get everyone on the same page to ensure project buy-in, credibility and participation is enormous.

Throw in increasingly rapid change, complex IT environments, the gig economy and dispersed workforces and the discipline of stakeholder management is an even more critical project success factor than before. Our Lifelong Learning Series for June and July looks at how to turn your stakeholders and steering committees into cheerleaders and champions - and give you a good night's sleep. 

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