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Negotiating and Networking

Negotiating and Networking


As project managers, we need all the tools in our toolkit to get the best outcomes for a project. Next up in our Lifelong Learning Series is a look at two of the most challenging and often daunting tools to master, negotiating and networking.


The saying goes that everything about a project is negotiable. It follows then that as a project manager, the better your negotiating skills, the better positioned you are to influence your project outcomes. This takes not only visible confidence but also the ability leverage your power base,  understand relationships, and make persuasive agruments to reach the required results for your project.


Networking - you either love it or hate it. Either way, if you’re a project manager who keeps their ear to the ground within projects, the project management profession and your specific industry, you and your projects will reap the benefits of keeping up with changes, techniques and technology. Nurturing the relationships in these networks also means you always have people you can trust for advice and support.

These skills are interdependent: the better you are at networking, the better you'll be at negotiating.  The realtionships and information that your network affords help you understand what's at stake during negotiations, give you leverage with stakeholders and provides you with insights for decision-making. Now THAT'S a win-win.

If you’re interested in becoming a more confident negotiator and building stronger networks, click here to keep up to date with our Negotiating and Networking events.