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Mindset and Mentoring

Mindset and Mentoring


 “Control your own destiny or someone else will”​

Jack Welch (Chair and CEO GE)​


We’re starting the new year with a mindset reboot. Until March we’ll be theming our chapter activities around setting and maintaining a mindset of positivity, growth and success. ​

Our monthly Chapter event program kicks off in February with an in-depth look at the power of a positive mindset.​

The 2021 Mentoring Program will launch on the 24th of February and registration will open shortly. If you are interested in crushing your goals this year, this program is for you! Our program has been revamped with more structure, more opportunities to learn from each other and even more value to participants. ​

Mindset and mentoring​

Mentoring is a great way to help you reach your full potential and to get into and stay in the right mindset. It is for this reason we are so looking forward to have you join us on this Mindset and Mentoring journey.​

Our Mentoring program is designed to help our members crush their goals! this year. We’re thrilled to let you know that our program has had a revamp. There’s more of everything this year: more structure, more opportunities to learn from each other and even more value to participants.


Remember, often the biggest obstacles in your life

are the barriers your mind creates!

More about the mentoring make over​

Can you believe that this is the fourth year that we are running our mentoring program? We can’t either. This year we have given our program a make over, and whether you’re a mentor or mentee, we guarantee you will discover invaluable insight, inspiration, skills and connection on your mentoring journey.

Our new program incorporates lessons learnt and your invaluable feedback and is built on the successes of the past. You can look forward to more of what you told us you love but also more structure, training, and support. ​

We’re also excited to introduce a guided framework for mentees and mentors to work through to help you achieve your goals in 2021. ​

Join us - you’re going to love it!​

What’s new in 2021?​

  • You complete your Kolbe strengths assessment at the start of the program so that it can be used to inform the mentor/mentee matching process. ​
  • A workbook to take each mentor/mentee pair through a step-by-step process that makes working towards your goals simpler and less overwhelming.​
  • Coaching skills for Mentors workshop where you will learn how to build rapport, ask powerful questions, be a better listener, and help your mentee overcome limiting beliefs.​
  • An intensive workshop where we deep dive into productivity, procrastination and managing stress.​
  • Collaboration and teamwork to build your team leadership skills and become the person everyone wants on their team.