An Innovation Masterclass with Jordan Duffy

Innovation and industry disruption is occurring at an increasingly rapid rate, and is spreading through the modern business world with viral proportions. Project managers are being asked to deliver projects requiring unprecedented levels of collaboration, leap-of-faith foresight and flexibility in delivery to succeed.

Project Management methodologies have traditionally found their place in the business world to provide a controlled framework in which to deliver change across an organisation. Today’s business world is demanding project managers to reimagine their skills and methodologies to make change happen at a whole new level! Embracing the Innovation Age is no longer just for the business-savvy risk-taker… the Innovation Age is now!

About the Speaker - Jordan Duffy

Jordan Duffy is a serial entrepreneur, technology innovation expert and, at the age of 21, co-owns Buckham & Duffy, an innovation and rapid development firm. B&D services enterprise and government clients in identifying and accelerating the adoption of emerging technologies, research and startups. Jordan is a board member for the Redland City Council Economic Development Board, using Innovation and Technology to advance the city.

Jordan’s passion for technology and business started at home assembling computers, and his entrepreneurial journey started at age 14 with business partner Alex Buckham. Alex and Jordan have been growing businesses for eight years. Business aside, Jordan is an avid self-educator and driven change maker. Personally, Jordan has sat in the patient seat battling cancer and chronic pain, has travelled to 20 countries and played drums on the Great Wall of China in the 2008 Olympic Orchestra.

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