Selling a Project to the Key Stakeholders

Driving organisational change through project management essentially involves selling. 

The Project Manager must have the skills to convince stakeholders across an organisation to disrupt their current, known processes and policies and adopt new ones. The first step of this journey involves the PM strategically gaining key stakeholder support. 

There are five stages to success: Identifying, prioritising, researching, engaging and adapting to the stakeholders. 

In this interactive workshop you will learn how behavioural style and KPIs drive stakeholder support and how to leverage this knowledge to successfully drive change, resulting in greater project success.

About our Speaker - Bernard Jones

Bernard Jones (Bern) is the MD of IMPACT Corporate Training.  He and his wife established the business in Singapore in 2001, and are now located in the Gold Coast.  IMPACT has designed and delivered training to companies in all continents. At the heart of the success of this business is the continuous process of engaging a constantly evolving theatre of stakeholders.

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