Leadership Team

Jason Sourris

Jason Sourris

About Jason

I am passionate about Growing People, Teams, and Business. 
Experienced Leader in Developing Teams, Businesses, and Products for Efficiency, Profitability, and Wellbeing.
20+ years success in identifying and delivering solutions to manage risk, grow profitability and businesses, while satisfying clients’ needs through systems and teamwork.
Special preference for identifying and exploiting scalable solutions for cost efficiency and profit maximization.
Served on the board of directors of a number of Not-For-Profit organisations and committees.

About the COO Role

PMIQld's Volunteer Chief Operating Officer (COO) partners with our CEO to coordinate many operational activities within our volunteer leadership team. Ultimately this role ensures we stay on Mission, contribute to our strategic Pillars, and that our team is ultimately able to create a vibrant and wonderful community for all our PMIQld Members.

Contact: jason.sourris@pmiqld.org

Our Chapter Mission, Vision and Pillars are what we are about.
Volunteering is also a huge part of how PMI Qld provides value to members, and also how members can best get to know others and establish new skills and strong networks in industry. If you have an interest in better networks, giving back, or showcasing or growing your skills please contact our Associate Director - Volunteering (volunteer.engagement@pmiqld.org) to discuss how volunteering might open great doors for you.

Chief Operating Officer