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Jillian Vanderstoep
Finance Manager


About Jillian

Jillian is a focussed professional with an international career demonstrating leadership, expertise and results. Her passion is to utilise her skills to achieve results by bridging the gap between strategy and implementation.

About the Finance Management Role

PMIQld's Volunteer Finance Manager role ensures PMIQld can balance the books, pay our bills, and maintain strong financial controls around member funds.  This volunteer role is critical to ensure that we make the most from every $ of member or sponsor funds, ensuring we provide the very best outcomes for all PMI Qld stakeholders.  This includes supporting our leaders in their annual planning, operational support for all transactions, and monthly reporting to maintain strong governance and ultimately help us to reach our plans to provide great value and great services to members.

Our Chapter Mission, Vision and Pillars are what we are about.
Volunteering is also a huge part of how PMI Qld provides value to members, and also how members can best get to know others and establish new skills and strong networks in industry. If you have an interest in better networks, giving back, or showcasing or growing your skills please contact our Associate Director - Volunteering (volunteer.engagement@pmiqld.org) to discuss how volunteering might open great doors for you.

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