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Marcos Pires
Associate Director - Volunteer Engagement

About the Associate Director - Volunteer Engagement Role

The Associate Director - Volunteer Engagement, ensures that we match volunteers with great opportunities that can help them grow, have fun, and ultimately find rewarding ways to give back to our project management community. PMIQld enjoys a large pool of volunteers, some in ongoing roles with regular monthly input to the chapters running, and others who might help out at just a few events in a year. No matter what the level of commitment available, our volunteer team looks to ensure peoples volunteer experience is fulfilling, meets the needs of the volunteer and the organisation, and helps individuals grow in their skills and networks. This role is a large contributor to our "Giving Back" strategic pillar.

Our Chapter Mission, Vision and Pillars are what we are about.
Volunteering is also a huge part of how PMI Qld provides value to members, and also how members can best get to know others and establish new skills and strong networks in industry. If you have an interest in better networks, giving back, or showcasing or growing your skills please contact our Associate Director - Volunteering (volunteer.engagement@pmiqld.org) to discuss how volunteering might open great doors for you.

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