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Amir Ghanbaripour
Associate Director - Academic Outreach

About Amir

I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI) with over nine years’ experience in managing various projects ranging from construction to ICT. I hold a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and am currently doing a PhD in Project Management.
I am a full-time lecturer at Bond University where I teach several Construction Project Management subjects such as ‘Principles of Project Management’, ‘Project Planning and Scheduling’ and ‘Systems Thinking and Modelling for Projects’ to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. Over the last four years, I have published several journal and conference papers in this field. I have a passion for research and innovation in the area of Project Success, Organisational Maturity and Process Re-engineering.


About the Associate Director - Academic Engagement Role

PMIQld's Volunteer Associate Director - Academic Engagement - builds strong networks between PMI Qld and the Academic Community in Qld.  This provides opportunities for Qld Project Managers to develop their skills & grow in their capabilities, it helps academics to more easily access and partner with Industry Professionals locally and with the international capabilities of PMI, and it helps students to link with industry professionals and more easily make the transition to industry. This role contributes heavily to our thought leadership pillar - bringing global best thinking to our industries (both from PMI to our universities, and from our universities to our practitioners).

Our Chapter Mission, Vision and Pillars are what we are about.
Volunteering is also a huge part of how PMI Qld provides value to members, and also how members can best get to know others and establish new skills and strong networks in industry. If you have an interest in better networks, giving back, or showcasing or growing your skills please contact our Associate Director - Volunteering (volunteer.engagement@pmiqld.org) to discuss how volunteering might open great doors for you.

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