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Jillian Vanderstoep


Jillian Vanderstoep
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About Jillian

Jillian is a focussed professional with an international career demonstrating leadership, expertise and results. Her passion is to utilise her skills to achieve results by bridging the gap between strategy and implementation.

About the Treasurer Role

PMIQ's Volunteer Treasurer is an elected role that represents our members, and ensures strong financial governance of our organisations.  Ultimately this role is a custodian of our chapter values, assets, and works across all our activities to ensure we stay on Mission, contribute to our strategic Pillars, and create a vibrant and wonderful community for all PMIQ Members. Like most of our board roles the Treasurer plays many roles in the chapter - managing our finances, liaising with governing bodies such as the Tax Office, Auditors, and Providing information to PMI, contributing to our monthly board meetings, representing PMIQ in the community, being involved in steering committees for major PMIQ Initiatives, supporting our volunteer leaders, and always being available to all members to assist any concerns, opportunities or correspondence.  In common with all our board roles, elections are run strictly controlled by PMI, with all board members serving 2 year terms with a maximum of 4 consecutive terms allowed on the board.

Our Chapter Mission, Vision and Pillars are what we are about.
Volunteering is also a huge part of how PMIQ provides value to members, and also how members can best get to know others and establish new skills and strong networks in industry. If you have an interest in better networks, giving back, or showcasing or growing your skills please contact our Associate Director - Volunteering to discuss how volunteering might open great doors for you.
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