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PMIQ Annual Report 2019

PMIQ Annual Report FY2019

PMIQ's FY2019 annual report was made available at the AGM on 26 Nov 2019.  Click below for a summary of the key achievements and to download your copy of the report.













Vibrant Community

During the year we held 11 regular chapter events with over 650 registrations across these.

Learning and Growth

Our Mentor program grew into its second year, certification information sessions, lunch and learn meetings, job club meetings and toastmasters also all continued to provide opportunities for career growth. In June 2019 we also saw our first digital lunch and learn event with over 85 online registrations, with this trend continuing with further digital chapter events in FY2020.

Thought Leadership

In July 2018 we sold out City Hall with over 200 people joining PMIQ & Holly Ransom for our “Next Generation Leadership" Executive Breakfast. In May 2019 we hosted PMI Australian Chapters National Conference with over 300 attendees - the first time this has run regionally, and the first with a truly national organising team.  Alongside the conference in May 2019 we held a Qld Executive Breakfast for over 100 leaders. We also used the visit of Global PMI Chair Randy Black to hold an academic forum with representatives from Bond University, Griffith University, QUT, University of Southern Qld (USQ), Central Qld Uni (CQU).

Giving Back

Once again we hosted PMDoS in Oct 2018 with over 100 attendees. PMIQ encouraged Australia to be the first nation we know of with a national PM Day of Service as we assisted in planting sister events in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide. We continued sponsoring the PMIQ student prize for Project Management at Bond University.


During the year we worked hard to improve how we help new attendees find their fit in PMIQ with tailored new member letters, as well as welcome packs for new chapter attendees. We saw our membership increase net by 91 members over the year to 823, with a 12% year on year growth driven by a 12% increase in our retention rate.  Financially we ended FY19 with a deficit of $4600, however we retain equity of $86,000 and have maintained our equity to reserve ratio of 1.8. We also improved our ratio of expenditure on portfolio activities to expenditure on leadership and administration activities, representing a larger proportion of member fees going direct into member services.
PMIQ’s Election Results have also been announced at the AGM with Martin McKern being re-elected unopposed as President, and Simon Stanton and Jason Kennelly being elected to the board in Director at Large Positions. After six years on the board Vice President Maria Robins is departing in early 2020, as are Jason Cameron and Monica D’Souza after two years each on our board. We congratulate our new board members, and thank our departing members. With no eligible candidates standing for the position of Vice President a board appointment will be made early in 2020.