Project Management: Still Missing What Really Matters

When: Tuesday 18 October, from 5:30pm
Where: Level 8 Pool Terrace, Hilton Hotel, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

In this presentation Associate Professor Jon Whitty shows

  • why we should not be surprised when project management tools and methods fail to deliver the results we hoped they would and 
  • how we have missed what really matters in the selection process of what is ‘best’ for managing project work.

Register today for this event with Jon Whitty, Associate Professor at University of Southern Queensland, a leading researcher in the evolutionary approach to project management.

About our Speaker

Jon Whitty, Associate Professor University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

Jon's a recognised leader and researcher in the evolutionary approach to project managment as well as complex and systemic behaviour. His specialities are the rights and welfare of project managers as well as complex behaviour and the evolution in the social and professional setting.  




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