Career Club promotes that learning is a life-long journey. Career Club workshops are informative, and partner with industry experts, experienced senior leaders, professional career coaches, and personal branding strategists to deliver career-changing insights. These workshops are perfect for project professionals who want to increase their career development opportunities through self-improvement.

Workshops provide advice on career management, career development, and prepare professionals to connect with the real world, enabling them to take the next leap in their careers.

Career Club has a supportive volunteering team of project management professionals who are as passionate about your career success as they are about theirs.

Pave your path to a successful future career, how does Career Club guide your career development?

  • Broaden your career opportunities through Career Club events and networking
  • Build a strong and solid career path of your passion
  • Enhance your awareness of career development
  • Develop self-awareness of life-long learning
  • Move forward in your career with the power of personal branding
  • Advance your current career to an authority level
  • Explore learning and career options


“Although I currently have a full-time PM position, I recently attended a PMI Queensland’s Career Club event. I was curious to learn about the current trends and practices to be prepared for any changes in the market. Having an experienced recruiter present to provide insights and tips, and answer individual questions was invaluable whether you are looking for an internal or external career opportunity. Key takeaways for me were to nail your elevator pitch; keep your LinkedIn profile current and be authentic. I would highly recommend these practical sessions to keep yourself relevant. See you at the next event.” Gillian Deane



The Career Club Clinic is an annual event comprised of a one-on-one session with an experienced career coach. The 1 on 1 session is around career coaching, interview skills, discussions of improvement on resume presentation. These sessions are ideal for project professionals who are enthusiastic about making positive changes in their career.

Preparation for the sessions commences 1 week beforehand, starting with paring you up with our career coaches based on your professional background and roles you are considering about pivot into. The Clinic will help to review and update your resume, considering potential links to a new role/company you are interested in applying for. Our career coaches help you understand what you have achieved, what you want to achieve, and where you would like to be in your future career.

How can Career Club Clinic help you to achieve career success? Career Club Clinic can help you to:

  • Experience One-on-one coaching session
  • Participate in mock job interviews
  • Improve job interview performance
  • Boost your confidence in an interview
  • Work on resume refinement
  • Discuss job descriptions on potential positions of tour choice
  • Focus on YOU


“Attending the Career Club Clinic with PMIQ has been one of the best investments for my professional development in Australia.

As a Project Manager, looking forward to initiating my professional life in a new country, I had so many questions about the best way to approach my job search. This program gave me the opportunity to have a 1 to 1 coaching session with a professional who answered all my questions, helped me to build my resume and cover letter and gave me great advice on the preparation for interviews, taking into account the new realities of the job market in the Covid world. I would highly recommend this program!” ~Natalia Agudelo                                       


“I had a pleasure attending Career Club Clinic last year when I was between jobs. The team asked for pre-work and matched consultants with job seekers in advance. Linda Bundock’s provided valuable feedback on my CV and advised how I can be better at storytelling. After the event, I was able to tell my career story with the right details and selling points which is really important if you want to stand out. Unfortunately, the time provided was limited. I suggest to all attendees to prepare before the event and treat this as a real interview. Although you will be matched with one consultant there is also a chance to connect with other recruiters and I was able to continue the engagement with them after the event.

 I really appreciate PMIQ team’s time and effort in organising this event for project professionals to advance their career and growth. Wishing all the seekers good luck with their job hunting! Cheers” ~ Ghia Assanova


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Career Club - 2 hours

Career Club Clinic - 45-minute session per participant


Career Club - online event via Zoom

Career Club Clinic - online event via Zoom or in-person. Structured mock interview and personalised feedback 






As a participant: please register on the upcoming events page on the PMIQ website.

As a speaker: if you are interested to speak at one of Career Club events, please contact the Professional Development team


Please contact the Professional Development team if you have any questions.